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Take Control of Your Financial Picture

Challenge the status quo and learn how to build your own privatized banking system. This website will offer you many sources of education on this topic based on our due diligence and access to subject matter experts in the financial services industry.

Introduction to Privatized Banking Strategies
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Introduction to Privatized Banking Strategies

We believe that there are three primary elements to banking today and that it is critical for people to understand how each

one impacts your personal or business economy. The three primary elements are:

  1. Paying your bills out of your checking account on a month-to-month basis (Managing your finances)

  2. Financing purchases with money you don’t currently have in your possession (Borrowing money)

  3. Paying cash for a purchase out of your savings/money market account (Saving money)


Privatized banking, also known as infinite banking, is designed to help Americans with good money habits take control of how they SAVE and BORROW money!

Through extensive research and a broad knowledge base regarding different financial institutions, we believe there are life insurance companies that offer specific types of specially designed life insurance contracts with certain beneficial features to a conservative saver. A properly trained financial professional can use these contracts to offer a conservative saver a tremendous alternative to traditional banking methods. Please understand that this process does not create a real bank nor are we claiming that life insurance companies are the same as a bank. Rather we are attempting to design a financial vehicle that can mimic certain banking functions in one’s personal/business economy – like financing big ticket purchases and controlling where your cash flow is stored.

Ready for a deeper dive? These carefully selected titles are great options if you are ready to learn the gritty details of privatized banking and decide if this strategy is right for you. 


Perpetual Wealth

Kim D. H. Butler & Kate Phillips

Perpetual Wealth may be THE definitive book about using life insurance as your family’s financial foundation. It details the advantages of using whole life as a powerful savings strategy, lending method, and legacy vehicle. It also gives the “how to” of multi-generational life insurance strategies… how to insure children, grandchildren, even parents. Perpetual Wealth also covers:

  • Thirteen strategies for raising financially responsible children.

  • Why “typical” financial advice sabotages generational wealth.

  • Wisdom from the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Gates, Buffets, and others about family wealth.

  • Lessons and warnings from affluent families on what NOT to do if you want the inheritance you leave to be wisely used, not wasted.

and much much more!

How to Start a Family Bank

An Interview with John Moriarty

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To read more about how John established and utilized his family bank, please download the document below which provides the detailed notes and numbers that were discussed in this interview. 

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